Southern Candy Store - Ice Cream in Atlanta, GA at The Battery

Ask anyone who lives in Atlanta and they'll tell you there's always something going on at the Battery. Now ask them if the mixed use sports/entertainment/residential complex is actually in Atlanta and they'll tell you no, it's actually in Marietta. And now, in case you haven't heard, the same family that founded Savannah's River Street Sweets, the tiny store that became such a household name that it came to be known as Savannah's Candy Kitchen has now brought delight to greater Atlanta area by franchising a store in The Battery. And here's even better news, Savannah's Candy Kitchen can also be called Savannah's Ice Cream Store, or in this case The Battery's Ice Cream Store because you can now buy ice cream in addition to world-famous River Street Sweets pralines and fudge.

Now if you've ever been on one of the growing number of River Street Sweets locations you know that you spend a considerable amount of time deciding whether you want pralines or fudge, loggerheads or brittle, popcorn snacks or candy apples so be prepared to spend just as much time, first deciding between ice cream or gelato. And once you've made your decision, the plot thickens.

Do you feel like an exotically rich flavor ice cream like banana pudding or birthday cake or stick to one of your longtime favorites like cookies-n-cream or rocky road? Your choice is just as tough if you go with gelato. Will it be tiramisu. key lime pie, or pink grapefruit gourmet? If perchance you spend so much time at the ice cream/gelato counter that you don't have time to buy candy, you can go online and make your decision from the comfort of your living room because, just like River Street Sweets in Savannah, River Street Sweets in the Battery ships all its candies, cakes and pies to sweet tooth customers all over the world.

P.S. If you're wondering how the Battery got its name, it's a tribute to Atlanta's beloved Braves, its next-door neighbors at Sun Trust Park, and refers to the comparison the early baseball writer Henry Chadwick used to describe how a team's pitching staff powers a team. Well, that's how we feel about our ice cream and its ability to power you through a typical hot Atlanta day. And it' knocks it out of the park in winter too!