Popcorn Snacks & Gifts

Popcorn Snacks & Gifts

Popcorn was always one of our favorite foods, but we never had popcorn like this growing up. Our 2 gallon trio tin holds a three-rific assortment of our crunchy caramel pecan popcorn, traditional butter popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn. Or, choose a 1 gallon single flavor pail of traditional caramel pecan or chocolate drizzled caramel pecan.

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Popcorn, the perfect go-to snack!

Popcorn is a snack that many people love all year long. It is the perfect addition to movie night, as well as just a good snack to have around for parties. It is such a versatile snack that can be flavored in a variety of different ways so it is no wonder that so many people love it. Popcorn on its own is great but we have taken the snack to the next level and we guarantee that you have never had popcorn quite like ours.

Our crunchy caramel pecan popcorn is our most popular option. Not only is the popcorn coated with a delicious handmade caramel but we take it up a delicious notch by adding in crunchy pecans. There is nothing like the real thing which is exactly why we added Georgia grown Mammoth Pecan halves, cream, & butter to the mix. If you like pecans and caramel, we know this will be your new favorite snack. It is so popular that we not only sell is as part of our gourmet popcorn tins but you can also get it in smaller sizes perfect for taking on the go. You can get our offerings for your own enjoyment but they also make the best gifts for anyone who loves popcorn.

One of our most popular items is the trio that comes with three different flavors. Of course, it comes with our popular crunchy caramel pecan popcorn but you also get traditional butter popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn. If you're looking for a more decadent popcorn gift, try our chocolate drizzled caramel pecan.

When you are searching for the perfect popcorn snacks for gifting, you can choose to add a single flavor in a 1-gallon pail or the trio of flavors in our extra-large, 2 gallon tin so they can try them all! You cannot go wrong when choosing a gift for someone who loves popcorn and no one would blame you if you also got one for yourself. We offer a different take on traditional popcorn snacks and it will definitely change the way you view snacking. Take a look at our selection today to find the perfect gift for someone in your life or just for yourself.

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