Chocolate Loggerheads & Fudge

Chocolate Loggerheads & Fudge

From our lovingly made sea salt caramels to our classic Chocolate Loggerheads™ and creamy delicious fudge, we know you will enjoy every bite of these must-have, hand made indulgent treats!

If you like old timey chocolate turtles, you'll LOVE our Loggerheads... a larger version of this classic treat; handmade with our family recipe caramel layered between Georgia Pecans & creamy chocolate!

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What is a Chocolate Loggerhead?

Wow! That smells great...what is that?

If we had a dollar for every time we've heard that from a guest stepping in the store, well, we'd honestly buy some of our own Chocolate Loggerheads ™, because they're just that good. The sweet southern candy combo of gooey handmade caramel, delightfully crunchy pecan pieces, and silky-smooth chocolate is absolutely intoxicating. Just wait until you take that first crunchy-creamy-sweet'll be hooked!

So What Are Chocolate Loggerheads ™?

You may have heard of chocolate turtle candy before - so named because the finished product looks like a sweet little turtle with a chocolate shell on its back. Now, the average turtle is moderately sized, but their big sea-going cousin, the Loggerhead sea turtle, is downright massive. So are these indulgent treats - hence, Loggerheads! They're a fan-favorite addition to our line of gourmet chocolates, thanks to their inclusion of a "little bit of everything." You don't have to choose between the flavor depth of knock-your-socks-off homemade caramel, delightfully crispy pecan pieces, or classic chocolate anymore - they're all yours to savor in one unforgettable bite.

Where Did Chocolate Turtle Candy Come From?

The heart of our Chocolate Loggerheads ™ can be traced back to French settlers in the United States, who first married the melt-in-your-mouth combination of sugar and pecans, both of which were found in abundance in New Orleans. While this dynamite combo typically takes the shape of pralines, which use sugar and cream or milk, these swap out the sweet component with rich caramel and indulgent milk or white chocolate. The sweet southern roots of this classic candy team-up are not only intact, they're elevated into something truly one-of-a-kind. Gourmet chocolates are delicious all by themselves, of course, but try them with a classic pecan crunch in these delectable oversized treats and you might never go back!

Find Your Favorites at ILovePralines

Want to try our famous Chocolate Loggerhead ™ candies, but find yourself craving classic pralines too? Don't worry - we have a wide variety of gift sets and chocolate gift baskets that will satisfy your sweet tooth, or delight a lucky gift recipient. You can choose from milk, white, or dark Chocolate Loggerheads ™, paired in assortments or alongside our you've-gotta-try-them pralines for a sweet southern taste you'll want to make a tradition. Whether you're searching for a uniquely delicious snack, a gift for the holidays, or a present to give for birthdays or other special occasions - it's always the right time to indulge in these updated southern candy classics. Find your favorite Chocolate Loggerheads ™ gift set here at, and enjoy a sweet taste of the South!

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